Switzerland vs Turkey Head to Head, H2H Stats, Previous Performance


Switzerland and Turkey both team Meet in the International Football Matches and tournament Since 1952. If we look at the Switzerland vs Turkey football rivalry then both side meet 15 occasions to each other. Turkey side are succeed to beat the Switzerland 8 occasion while Switzerland won Four occasion and remaining Three matches ended a draw.

Head to Head

Turkey 8:4 Switzerland [3 Draws]

First Time Meeting

Both Teams Switzerland and Turkey Meet First time on 1st June 1952 in the International Friendly Encounter which was Switzerland Won by 5-1 Score.

Last Meeting

Both Teams Switzerland vs Turkey meet in UEFA European Championship on 11th June 2008 which was Turkey Won by 2-1 score..

Next Match

Switzerland to face Turkey on 21st June 2020 in the Group A Fixtures of UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Game.

Switzerland vs Turkey Head to head Stats –Previous Meetings in History

Date Match Result Score Competition
01 Jun 1952 Turkey v Switzerland W 1-5 International Friendly
25 May 1953 Switzerland v Turkey L 1-2 International Friendly
24 Sep 1969 Turkey v Switzerland L 3-0 International Friendly
26 Sep 1971 Switzerland v Turkey W 4-0 International Friendly
09 May 1973 Switzerland v Turkey D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
18 Nov 1973 Turkey v Switzerland L 2-0 FIFA World Cup
01 Dec 1974 Turkey v Switzerland L 2-1 UEFA European Championship
30 Apr 1975 Switzerland v Turkey D 1-1 UEFA European Championship
28 Aug 1985 Switzerland v Turkey D 0-0 International Friendly
12 Mar 1986 Turkey v Switzerland L 1-0 International Friendly
14 Dec 1994 Turkey v Switzerland W 1-2 UEFA European Championship
26 Apr 1995 Switzerland v Turkey L 1-2 UEFA European Championship
12 Nov 2005 Switzerland v Turkey W 2-0 FIFA World Cup
16 Nov 2005 Turkey v Switzerland L 4-2 FIFA World Cup
11 Jun 2008 Switzerland v Turkey L 1-2 UEFA European Championship


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